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Amanda Hernandez

Amanda grew out of her very religious upbringing due to education and meeting people who were good without gods which helped her begin to question the faith of her youth in favor of open-mindedness and freethought.

She spent four years working in emergency rooms as an EMT helping doctors and nurses with the many aspects of emergency patient care. She gave up her healthcare job due to low wages, being unable to support the cost of childcare for two young children in addition to the costs of returning to college. She began to question why this was the case for her: why a working person cannot support and better themselves and their family on the wages of their labor. This question was the impetus for her involvement in politics at the grassroots level where she effectively began using the power and resources of social media to organize people to take action.

For the last few years Amanda has been raising awareness, organizing voters, and engaging in the political process on many issues at the state and local levels. She is a precinct chair for the Texas Democratic Party and the organizer of the annual Roe v Wade Anniversary Counter Protest in Austin, Texas. She is a precinct chair for the Texas Democratic Party and the state director of Secular Majority for Texas.

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Texas Secular Convention 2015

27 February - 1 March 2015
Austin, Texas

About TSC

Texas Secular Convention is a joint endeavour between Secular Coalition for Texas and Secular Texas with Secular Coalition for America as our major financial sponsor. We will hold a rally on the Capitol steps and explore what a secular future for Texas can look like.


For general information about the convention or rally, including registration, please contact us at:
 info (@) texassecularconvention.org