Daniel Moran

Candidate, Texas House District 63

Daniel Moran

Like so many of his generation, Daniel's activism began online, where he discussed politics and religion in America, gaining some popularity online as a voice for equality and reason. From there he spent a couple of years as the news correspondent on a couple of popular podcasts.

In high school, he attempted to create an LGBT student group and a secular student group, but was denied by the school, who then changed their policy to no longer allow non-academically based groups, even though plenty of religious groups had existed beforehand.

Once at the University of North Texas, he became involved with the school's secular group but believed there was not enough emphasis on outreach. Daniel then founded the Secular Student Alliance at the University of North Texas, a group for students, who would otherwise feel disenfranchised for their religious beliefs, to be more involved with politics and to be a voice for secularism and humanism at the university.

Daniel gained notoriety in local politics when he decided to confront his representative, United States Congressman Michael Burgess (R-26), at a town hall meeting held at a local megachurch in August of 2013. For merely asking Congressman Burgess why he voted twice against allowing secular chaplains to serve in the United States Armed Forces, those in the crowd heckled Daniel and aggressively demanded that he be thrown out of the meeting. This caused the story to be picked up by various national news sources, including the Raw Story, FOX News, and the Blaze. 


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