Annie Laurie Gaylor

Co-President, Freedom from Religion Foundation

Annie Laurie Gaylor

Topic: "Godlessness, guts, greens & goodness"

Annie Laurie Gaylor is co-president of the Freedom from Religion Foundation, was one of the organizations co-founders with her mother Anne Gaylor, was also editor of Freethought Today from 1984 to 2009, when she became executive editor. The paper is published 10 times a year. Her book, Woe To The Women: The Bible Tells Me So, first published in 1981, is now in its 4th printing. In 1988, the Foundation published her book, Betrayal of Trust: Clergy Abuse of Children, the first book documenting widespread sexual abuse by clergy. Her 1997 book, Women Without Superstition: 'No Gods, No Masters' is the first collection of the writings of historic and contemporary women freethinkers. A 1980 graduate of the UW-Madison Journalism School, she was an award-winning student reporter and recipient of the Ken Purdy scholarship. After graduation, she founded, edited and published the Feminist Connection,a monthly advocacy newspaper, from 1980-1985. She joined the Foundation staff in 1985. She has been co-president since 2004.

Annie Laurie was on her first feminist picketline at age 14. Her most recent activism included spearheading, with her mother, the movement to keep the "Forward" statue, a monument dedicated to women, outside the Wisconsin State Capitol where it has been for a century, which included collecting more than 6,000 signatures. She was co-chair for more than a decade of the Feminist Caucus of the American Humanist Association, which bestows an annual 'Humanist Heroine' award at AHA conferences.

Annie Laurie serves on the Board of Directors of the Women's Medical Fund, the longest continuously-operating abortion rights charity in the nation, founded by her mother, Anne Gaylor, Prof. Robert West and the late Peg West. The all-volunteer Fund has helped more than 14,000 indigent Wisconsin-area women exercise their constitutional right to safe abortion care.

Annie Laurie is married to Dan Barker, a musician and former fundamentalist minister, who is now a freethought activist.


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